Listen with Me

It is difficult to objectively measure the level of chronic pain in children. There only exists subjective measures, which prove to be hard for understanding their levels of pain. Music therapy, as a means of helping to reduce pain, can be incorporated into a pain management routine, prescribing music pieces based on subjective accounts of pain. We have combined the use of an interactive conversational device, Alexa, and Music Therapy in order to create a non-invasive way to help reduce pain in children without the side effects of medication.Based on our pain assessment algorithm that utilizes perceived pain analyzed by musical similarities, Alexa is able to determine a musical therapeutic regimen for the current session. These sessions can contain sing-a-long or non-interaction type songs.Listen with me is a downloadable application, so it sits in the cloud and is easy to download from any mobile or non-mobile device.


The project vision explored the use of technology in the classroom setting and have been documenting whether introducing technologies such as HoloLens can act as an assistive device for children with poor vision or color blindness. Students will be given vision exams to assess their level of vision. Depending on the test results, the device can provide three basic functionalities, including magnifying the words displayed in front of the participants, providing audio support, and adjusting RGB values through the HoloLens for the participants with color blindness.


Unteer is a social network websites to offer high school students with volunteer opportunities and connected with employer.

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Code Buddy

My team designs an iOS mobile app called Code Buddy. Based on the project-based learning model, the mobile phone app teaches girls the fun fact in the field of computer science. This app is open for everyone, but the primary target age is from thirteen to seventeen. Also, this mobile app encourages girls to discover coding fundamentals in the real life. The app uses an avatar to teach girls computer science fundamentals. For example, the girl is taught that the avatar is an object and the eye color, hair, and weight are properties of the object. As the girl customizes the avatar, the app helps girls conceptualize basic computer science fundamentals.It will help other women in tech by teaching coding fundamentals. We did not want to limit our app to any specific language, but instead make an app that can universally be applied to any language. We utilized core concepts, such as class, functions, and variables based on project-based learning models to creatively teach girls to code through fashion design. Also, our phone app alleviates the overwhelming feeling of a CS fundamentals textbook. The goal is that after girls finish different levels of Code Buddy programming lessons, it will empower them to break into the STEM fields.

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