Columbia University – Teacher’s College

Mindfulness into Action (MIA) with Grounded Theory Course

Mindfulness into Action (MIA) for Cultural Humility and Awareness (MIA-CHA) has the two main aims:

(1) training students in how to be transformational leaders who are capable of addressing and resolving tension around diversity issues within organizations, communities, and societies, as they emerge skilled in ending microaggressions (Pierce, 1995;Sue et al, 2007) and fostering cross-cultural harmony;

(2) training students to emerge as competent researchers who may contribute data regarding the utility of MIA-CHA for ending microaggressions and promoting cultural humility and awareness to meet contemporary diversity challenges.

The anticipated result is a new generation of researchers and new era of grant-funded research that pioneers MIA-CHA for ending microaggressions and fostering cohesion. Through participation in a leadership skills development methodology that incorporates indigenous knowledge and organizational learning techniques, students gradually become more aware of their own unconscious behaviors, more in tune with the people surrounding them, and increasingly skillful in engaging in conscious and intentional action (Vergara, 2016). They become what Boyatzis and Mckee (2005) call “resonant leaders.” This means that they are capable of achieving a new awareness that is vital in cross-cultural interactions: i.e. the ability to connect with their thoughts, emotions, and hearts in ways that enable them to counteract the destructive effects of stress, dissonance, and self-limiting mindsets often associated with contemporary diversity challenges;; and, instead, they learn to nurture the development of sustainable, harmonious, and high functioning relationships shared among the diverse membership of organizations and communities.

      • In Spring 2016 – 12 students took the MIA course. 6 online and 6  in person. 
      • In Fall 2016 – 6 students took the MIA course.

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Video from Apeksha Mewani – international a student at Columbia University.  

Video from Susan Tirhi – a student who took the MIA course online.  

Video from John Martin – a student from Columbia University.