Nourishment Through Self-Discovery

Mindfulness into Action studies have been conducted in the United States, Ecuador and Norway, in each case supported by higher education institutions.

  • In 2012, students from Washington and Jefferson College went to the Amazon rainforest and did multidisciplinary research using MIA procedures.
  • In 2013, MIA was administered at Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • In 2014, MIA was implemented as Mindfulness into Action at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  • In 2015 it will be formally instituted at the Universidad del Norte in Ecuador.

Nourishment Through Indigenous Knowledge

Ho’oponopono comes from Indigenous people of Oceania

  • When they feel the uneasiness when something does not go as planned, participants look at the sky and then say these phrases (in their mind or out loud): I am sorry; forgive me (because I want to change something I cannot change); I love you; and thank you. The feeling of frustration usually goes away after repeating the phrases a few times.

The Five Agreements: The Toltec Guide from Indigenous people of America.

  • The first agreement, “the impeccable word,” is particularly important for psychic health so that man does not remain divided within himself.
  • Do not take it personal (if someone is nasty with you, just leave the nastiness with this person.
  • Do not make assumptions (when we make assumptions, we suffer for something that we do not even know is true).
  • Whatever you do, do your best.
  • Be skeptical (when you listen to the voice in your head that is telling you that it is not possible, just acknowledge it, but be skeptical because that voice might belong to someone else.

Zulu Ancestor Ritual from Indigenous people of Africa.

  • This practice has three main orders: 1) Order of hierarchy, that we honor parents, grandparents and ancestors, 2) Order of belonging, that every member of the family belongs to the system; and 3) Order of balance, that as you give, you must take in order to keep the balance.


  • Organizational learning techniques
  • Goal Setting
  • Journaling
  • Indigenous practices
  • Visulization