Meet The MIA Global Team

Mariana Ines Vergara

Mariana is a doctoral candidate who applies the ” Mindfulness into Action” approach through the BRIDGE@ Model of Transformational Learning. This is an innovative methodology that unites organizational learning techniques and indigenous practices to help shape and change bebaviors in participants through the cultivation of higher awareness. The ultimate goal of all MIA initiatives is to find workable solutions to personal challenges and societal conflict. Mariana teachers the MIA Methodology at Teachers College, Columbia University in form of a research-based course called, Mindfulness into Action Research with Grounded Theory.

Carl Tjernstad

Carl is the research assistant of the Mindfulness into Action Initiative at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where he is pursuing his bachelor degree in Psychology. He is an adventurous man who is interested in human development. He believes that he can better enjoy life and aid others if he looks after himself physically, mentally and even spiritually. Carl has been applying MIA in his everyday life since November 2014- whether he is spending time in nature, playing football (soccer), dancing and singing, working out, traveling, meditating or pursuing higher education.

Adam Mac Quarrie

Adam is the research assistant of the Mindfulness into Action Initiative at the Universidad Tecnica del Norte where he is working on his bachelor in Psychology as an exchange student.He is originally a student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.He has a great interest in music, weapon based martial arts aswell as the sci-fi and fantasy genre in film and video games. Adam got involved with Mindfulness into Action in November 2014 and has been enjoying it’s life-improving benifits since then.

Xiaoxue Du

Xiaoxue Du is the research assistant in charge of measuring the impact of MIA through technology. We are designing programming accessible via the World Wide Web. The programming will be stratified into packages ranging from entry into a free cohort to an all-inclusive retreat in the Amazon that enables participants to work in collaboration with the indigenous population to protect the Rainforest. MIA is also working to institute cross-cultural research opportunities in the Amazon for faculty and students from universities to engage the MIA Methodology in the context of environmental sustainability. Xiaoxue has applied MIA practices to enhance many other interests and activities in her daily life: Meditation, reading books, building cross-cultural communication networks and pursuing her MA in Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.